Anonymous: Thanks for sharing your little corg with us. This blog is my happy place. Chubby, you are the cutest!! Big hugs :)


Thanks for taking the time to write in! You’re very welcome. I try to update as often I can (gotta manage that corg-life balance) and am very glad people still enjoy the blog despite the meager offerings at times :)

Chubby wanted to send a nudie as a token of his appreciation (I don’t know what’s gotten into him lately, it’s like he hit three and promptly began undergoing his quarter-life crisis), but I convinced him to send a different picture instead. Here’s one of him working on those chest and stumps!image


The Chobley

Despite rooming with Glenn Anderson for nine straight years, Messier claimed that he always had control of the tv remote and that Anderson would be stuck watching whatever “he’d liked”. Anderson denied these claims, insisting that they were only roommates because “nobody else could put up with Messier”.

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